Ixlan's Tale

A Sylph Appears

Ixlan Found

Fiesty Lotus: "Hmm, I feel funny."

Fitheach Eun snaps her head around as a strange tone sounds in the library

Talia.Sunsong: "My wand is tingling"

Saphira Mistwalker looks up, "What was that?"

Fiesty Lotus looks to Druid Fit. "What is that?"

Fitheach Eun: "I don't know; did you all hear it?"

Rorn nods his head.

Fitheach Eun: With a slight popping sound one of the sylphs suddenly appears

Savage Taurus flies around looking his meal for the day and something nags him at the base of his skull

Fiesty Lotus: "Oh, a sylph!"

Saphira Mistwalker: Turns to see the sylph, "What is she doing here?"

Fitheach Eun turns just as the sylph says: "Lady, there is a man on the beach."

Rorn flies up to the sylph

Fitheach Eun: "A man on the beach? That is not unusual."

Fitheach Eun: The sylph looks agitated: "But Lady, this one is lying down and bleeding."

Fitheach Eun: Oh....

Fiesty Lotus: "Oh dear"

Talia.Sunsong: "The sharks might smell the blood"

Saphira Mistwalker: That doesn't sound good, we better check on it.

Fitheach Eun looks to the sylph: "Can you lead us there?"

Fiesty Lotus gets her staff

Savage Taurus is more concerned about the emptiness of his stomach than the nagging in the back of his brainstem

More Concerned about the Emptiness of his Stomach

Fiesty Lotus also get her med kit

Fitheach Eun grabs her bag and staff

Fitheach Eun: "Let's go"

Talia.Sunsong: flutters her wings and rises

Savage Taurus spies a tasty looking unicorn but knows that his friends would get upset at him if he ate it

Fitheach Eun runs swiftly after the sylph

Fiesty Lotus runs, trying to keep up.

Saphira Mistwalker runs from the library and takes flight.

Fiesty Lotus pants and holds her side as she approaches the beach

Fitheach Eun: the sylph stops on a small islet just offshore from the dwarf hall

Saphira Mistwalker spies the people below and hovers over head, keeping watch for sharks.

Saphira Hovers Overhead

Savage Taurus swoops by his castle and eyes the state of the shingles on his roof and thinks, 'Gonna need to get some kobolds up here, with harnesses. I keep forgetting they can’t fly,' then the scent of blood hits his snout and he turns his head towards the shore

Fitheach Eun hurries to the body lying half in the water

Rorn: Rorn lands next to the man and sniffs him

Saphira Mistwalker: Is he still alive?

Fitheach Eun checks for a pulse: "He's alive, but just barely"

Ixlan Nightbringer: feels someone close ... opens eyes and sees a blurry shape hovering over him... hand shoots out to grasp around the neck of the hovering form... grip tightening.... feeling soft flesh... hand drops.... exhausted

Talia.Sunsong: "Should I do fairy magic on it?" She fumbles with her "peace bound" bent magic wand that she tied with a small vine.

Savage Taurus dives down and jets northward toward the mouth of the river and the scent of blood gets stronger and he recognizes it, 'hooman,' he grumbles to himself, while his stomach growls with hunger

Fiesty Lotus gets her breath and kneels beside the body

Half Lying in the Water

Ixlan Nightbringer: mumbles unintelligible....

Fiesty Lotus: NO

Fiesty Lotus: We will handle this Talia

Rorn whimpers sadly as he stands next to the fallen form

Fitheach Eun: No Talia, definitely not

Fiesty Lotus reaches out and takes the man’s pulse

Talia.Sunsong: "But I'm Danger Fae!"

Fitheach Eun makes a resolve to get the fae a proper peace string, preferably permanent

Ixlan Nightbringer: falls back into unconsciousness....

Savage Taurus sighs when he sees his friends gathered on the small island, knowing that his stomach will have to wait, as no doubt the pesky droods will want him to help

Saphira Mistwalker hears wings thundering overhead, and looks up to see Savage approaching. She hisses in draconic, "Vin thrae atonus ehtaha vi ezoukea sthyr shafaer wer coisig [A sylph found a wounded man on the beach]."

Fiesty Lotus: “This one is pretty far gone. We should get him out of the water. No wait. I will see if he has any broken bones.”

Fitheach Eun: Good idea Fiesty

Talia.Sunsong: pokes fallen man with her toe "Get up!"

Saphira Mistwalker frowns, "You better hurry, I see fins surfacing nearby, and they are not mermaids."

Fitheach Eun: "How will we get him to the infirmary?"

What to Do....

Fiesty Lotus hold her staff and concentrates on the body

Rorn tries to lick the man's wounds

Savage Taurus responds to Saph in their native tongue, "vur si suppose batobot means coita hesi problem kiri? kepatmasto kepatmasto kepatmasto [and I suppose that means it’s our problem too? Alright alright alright]."

Fitheach Eun looks up at Savage in dragon form and gets an idea...

Fitheach Eun: "Ummm, Savage....?"

Fiesty Lotus: “He is banged up but no broken bones.”

Fitheach Eun: "Safe to move him then?"

Fiesty Lotus: “Well, we should be careful, but yes.”

Fitheach Eun: “Mindful of Saphira's warning, let's drag him up on shore?”

Savage Taurus decides to land and see what all the fuss is about

Rorn grabs the man’s clothes with his teeth and starts tugging him towards shore

Fiesty Lotus: Very carefully. Those wounds look bad

Fitheach Eun grabs an arm carefully and pulls him slowly onto land.

Talia.Sunsong: "Do you suppose he's rich and will give us lots of treasure for saving him?"

Savage Taurus moves forward and sniffs the bloody man, the strong scent reminding him of all the knights that invaded his old lair

Fiesty Lotus glares at the Fae, knowing it will not be noticed.

Saphira Mistwalker watches the shark circle and then move away and hisses, "Si jahus charisir ihk creol sventar xiiva rhyaex [I was hoping for some shark meat]."

Rorn: Baby dragon Rorn flaps his wings in an attempt to dry the man off.

Fitheach Eun asks the sylph to dry him quickly

Ixlan Nightbringer rouses slightly.... the scent of drake fills senses... is filled with despair... falls back into unconsciousness.....

Fiesty Lotus: “We need to get him to the Infirmary.”

Saphira Mistwalker lands to see what is happening.

Fitheach Eun: "Yes and as quickly as possible."

Fitheach Eun looks at Savage appealingly

Savage Taurus growls to Saph, "sjek wux catch creol, save creol ihk ve. si mi starving [If you catch some, save some for me. I am starving]"

Fitheach Eun: "Ummm, Savage... Could you possibly...?

Savage Takes Him on His Back

Savage Taurus sees the look in the elf's eyes and his heart melts, "Yes, yes, I can take him. Put him on my back"

Fitheach Eun smiles at Savage

Savage Taurus "I'll meet you all there" he says as he flaps his great batlike wings and takes off with the wounded man draped across his back

Fiesty Lotus: “That does look like it will hurt some.”

Talia.Sunsong: "Hey, I never got to ride on a dragon. That's not fair!"

Fitheach Eun thanks the sylph and takes off running towards the apothecary

Fiesty Lotus rushes to the healing place

Rorn flies following the big dragons

Savage Taurus thinks Talia's broken wand must have altered her memory

Saphira Mistwalker takes fight and follows the others to the apothecary.

Ixlan Nightbringer: the familiar lurching sensation of lifting off the ground rouses him.... and feels the familiar feel of flight wind in his face....

Ixlan Nightbringer: euphoria lasts only for a few seconds... until the scent of drake again fills his senses....

Ixlan Nightbringer: and rouses... squirming upon the drakes back ....

Savage Taurus soars over the lush landscape of his territory and turns toward the elf's abode, making sure that the man's weight stays centered on his back so that he doesn’t slip off, knowing his scales will act like hooks on his clothing

Savage Taurus growls softly, "Calm down there, fella. Don’t want to go falling off. The first step is a doozy"

Talia.Sunsong: flies along humming her "Danger Fae" theme song

Savage Taurus talks soothingly to the man, "Don't worry, the droods will get you all patched up. They are skilled with the healing magics"

Ixlan Nightbringer: consciousness waning....hears the drakes voice rumble in ears and vibrate through body... and if could would scream in fury.....

Fitheach Eun reaches the apothecary first and hurries to ready the bed

Savage Taurus passes by the parapets of his castle, over the mountain range and the lush forest and spots the small hut amidst the trees

Ixlan Nightbringer in a desperate act.... musters last of waning strength and hurls self from the drakes back... whispering... you will never take me back alive drake.....

Savage Taurus sighs and rolls his draconic eyes and dives down and catches the idiot in his claws, a little less careful not to poke him, knowing the droods can deal with any minor abrasions

Saphira Mistwalker swoops in behind Fit and Talia, and looks to see where Savage and the man are. She gasps as she sees the man lose his position and fall before Savage dives down and catches him again.

Rorn: Baby dragon Rorn dives too, although too small to help

Saphira Mistwalker hurries inside the hut, "You better have some good healing ready Lady Fitheach. That fool two-legs fell off Savage's back and he had to catch him with his claws."

Savage Taurus growls, "Stay still ya dang fool. You really are ready to meet the reaper, arent ya? Well, if I let you die, those girls will nag me until I'll be wantin to join ya"

Fitheach Eun: Oh no, did he really?

Talia.Sunsong: "I hope this man is rich for all the trouble this is taking."

Fiesty Lotus arrives huffing and puffing but, after a moment she hurls herself at the bandages and herbs.

Talia.Sunsong: pictures of gallons of cream as reward dance in her head

Fitheach Eun glares at the fae: "You know that makes no difference."

Saphira Mistwalker giggles and shakes her head, "If he survives at all Talia."

Talia.Sunsong: "What will we do with him, anyway? Does he milk cows for cream? Does he groom unicorns?"

Savage Taurus sets the struggling hooman down on the ground and picks him up by his belt in his teeth and carries him inside and sets his down on a bed

Saphira Mistwalker looks as Savage enters with the man, "Svabol shinalta svern mobi? Tira jaci xoal ekess wielg? [What happened up there? Did he try to fall?]"

Talia.Sunsong: "He must have a death wish to dive off Savage's back in flight"

Saphira Mistwalker shakes her head, "Or, he has a great fear of dragons."

Savage Taurus mutters to Saphira, "vee, wer malai tiric ti seem ekess tuor ekess waph [Yea, the idiot does not seem to want to live]"

Saphira Mistwalker nods to Savage, and looks to the rest, "I hope we can save him, and find out what his story is."

Fiesty Lotus washes his wounds and applies a honey salve

Fitheach Eun brings some of the comfrey and wormwood salve for the deeper wounds

Rorn: Baby dragon Rorn hops on the post near the foot of the bed

Saphira Mistwalker shakes her head as she looks at the man on the bed and hisses, "Ini wer Dask, nomeno munthrek ui vi jekip. [By the mother, this human is a mess.]"

Fitheach Eun: "My sister, I think the herbs will not help enough"

Fiesty Lotus looks at her sister druid "He do look bad.. Mebby we should use a bit more ?”

Talia.Sunsong: "He looks messier than Rorn eating at a BBQ"

Fitheach Eun lifts her staff: "I think we need to do more."

We Need to Do More

Saphira Mistwalker hides a smirk, but inwardly agrees.

Savage Taurus chuckles at the fae's comment

Fitheach Eun steps forward and rests her hand on the man's shoulder lightly

Fiesty Lotus mumbles to the earth spirt to come to their aid

Fitheach Eun: Calling to the water powers, she sends a healing stream towards him

Fiesty Lotus: "Spirit of Earth heal this man.”

Fitheach Eun: "Spirits of water, flow into him and heal his injuries"

Fitheach Eun calls to the air, too and weaves it into the pattern

Fiesty Lotus weaves water and air with Earth and set a weave

Savage Taurus hunkers down and curls up on the floor and lets the healers do their thing, his tummy still rumbling, but ignoring it at the moment, in case they need him for anything else

Fiesty Lotus: The Blood disappears and the wounds close up.

Fitheach Eun: The colors merge and blend glowing around the man's body

Fiesty Lotus smiles

Fitheach Eun lets out a sigh and stumbles back leaning on her staff

Ixlan Nightbringer: feels the spirits’ powers building in him... warm colors coalescing in heat and cool... rebuilding torn and damaged muscles and flesh... healing the flesh... yet can do nothing to heal the spirit tattered and torn..... suddenly sits up in the bed... and screams out ... then falls back into unconsciousness....

Fiesty Lotus looks around for a chair

Fiesty Lotus: I am pooped. But he do look much better

Talia.Sunsong: "What's he screaming about?"

Saphira Mistwalker smiles at her fellow dragon, and hisses gently, "Savage, wux tira algbo. si geou ehtah nomenes sventar xiiva, vur dronilnr wux ir ekess sone. [Savage, you did well. I will find those sharks, and bring you one to eat.]"

Fitheach Eun staggers over to the chair by the bed and collapses into it

Talia.Sunsong: "I'll wake him up." Grabs a cup of water and advances towards the bed.

Fitheach Eun: "Thank you, Savage. That would have been impossible without your help."

Saphira Mistwalker looks at Fiesty and Fit, "Lady Druids, that looked exhausting. Will he live?"

Fitheach Eun sticks out her staff and tries to block the fae

Fitheach Eun: "Don't Talia, he needs rest."

Fiesty Lotus: “Be careful Talia, remember he threw himself off of Savage, in the sky.”

Talia.Sunsong: "What? Throwing water on him should wake him. The other Fae do it to me."

Let Him Sleep Now

Fitheach Eun: "Let him sleep now"

Savage Taurus grins at Saph, "shark ultroi bensvelk. yth shilta gethrisj xiivair ulnaus ghent nomeno [Shark sounds good. We can go fishing together after this]"

Talia.Sunsong: "Oh, Phoeeey!"

Fiesty Lotus: No hon. He needs time to rest

Fitheach Eun: "Ambassador, I do not know. His body is mostly healed but there was a sense of darkness….”

Saphira Mistwalker nods in agreement with Savage.

Talia.Sunsong: holds cup of water to Rorn, who sticks his face in the water and laps it up.

Fitheach Eun: "Did you feel that, Fiesty?"

Savage Taurus shrugs, "No problem, Fit. You know I'm always here for you all"

Fiesty Lotus: “Like I ran a marathon and then some.”

Saphira Mistwalker: Hmm, is that what all the screaming was about? Is he mad or under some compulsion?

Fiesty Lotus: Oh, the feeling that he is troubled? Yes, I did.

Fitheach Eun: "I cannot say what troubles him, but he is in a dark place."

Fiesty Lotus: We will have to go softly with him

Fitheach Eun: We will.

Saphira Mistwalker sighs. "I hope he makes the best of his second chance."

Ixlan Wakes

The Patient Wakes

Savage Taurus: ava'yorn ruliynai [hello bipeds]

Fitheach Eun hears moaning and approaches their patient

Talia Sunsong: Rummages around looking for sugar to go with the tea she sees on the table

Fitheach Eun: Druid Fiesty; I think he is waking

Fiesty Lotus draws close to the patient.

Talia Sunsong: pours herself a cup of tea, not realizing this is strong tasting medicinal tea

Saphira Mistwalker watches with interest but keeps her distance for the moment. She remembers how this two-legs reacted when they found him.

Rorn hops on the bottom bed post

Ixlan Nightbringer: the scent of drake ..... volcanic ash, fire forge heat...and the scent of baking bread.... a tremor ripples through his body and rouses him from a deep sleep

Fitheach Eun leans over and asks: " How do you feel?"

Rorn sniffs the man in the bed then sneezes

Fiesty Lotus gently reaches out and takes the man’s pulse

Ixlan Nightbringer: body tense opens his eyes and begins to focus on two forms hovering above him...

Fiesty Lotus: His pulse is normal

Ixlan Nightbringer: body tense... ready to lash out... yet feels a gentle touch upon his wrist and relaxes a bit...

Saphira Mistwalker looks over at Savage and remarks, "Si charis nomeno ruliyna claxic udoka desta jaka batobot jaci tepohaic irisva svern. [hope this biped takes us better now that he has healed up.]"

Talia Sunsong: drinks the medicinal tea "That's horrible! Who would drink that?"

Fiesty Lotus withdraws her hand and concentrates on the patient

Fitheach Eun watches him closely for any signs of problem.

Talia Sunsong: pours a large spoonful of sugar into the tea

Fitheach Eun makes eye contact: "Can you understand me; how do you feel?"

Ixlan Nightbringer: Sees a small child... and a tall slender woman... both feel... powerful....

Rorn and Ixlan

Ixlan Nightbringer: hears the tall woman speak... words tumble from her mouth ...senseless...

Savage Taurus looks over to Saphira and shrugs, "Kii tir astahii doege zyak kiarf zahae nomeno ir? [Why do they care so much about this one?]"

Ixlan Nightbringer: Cò thusa ..... càite a bheil mi [ Who are you ... where am I]

Fiesty Lotus tries "Can you understand us?"

Fitheach Eun raises an eyebrow and reaches out to touch him on the shoulder...

Rorn eyes the man in the bed, seeing his feet move the blankets around, he thinks of how the cats play

Ixlan Nightbringer: turns to the child.....Cò thusa leanabh gun aois? [Who are you child without age}

Saphira Mistwalker shakes her head, "Astahii re irisvari, astahii doege ihk throdenilti fronah. [They are healers, they care for most everyone.]"

Ixlan Nightbringer: looks to the end of the bed.... and starts...

Fiesty Lotus: looks on and shakes her head. "I don't think he speaks our language."

Rorn paws playfully at the man's feet, like the cats taught him.

Saphira Mistwalker watches intently to see how the two-legs reacts to Rorn.

Ixlan Nightbringer: begins to launch self from the bed.... but weakness holds him.

Savage Taurus interest perks when he hears the hooman speak, "creol di nomenes lexri ultro familiar. si shilta ti goawy astahi, shar vucoti si tepoha confn boga munthreki mrith batobot dialect ghoros. [Some of those words sound familiar. I Cannot place them, but I know I have come across humans with that dialect before.]"

Ixlan Nightbringer: instead... holds breath and watches the small drake....

Fiesty Lotus shoos Rorn, not too successfully

Talia Sunsong: Rorn stares at Fiesty, incomprehensible, then goes back to playfully pawing at the man's feet moving under the blanket

Fiesty Lotus: "Talia, come get Rorn, he is disturbing our patient."

Ixlan Nightbringer: the scent of the other drake... fills his senses again and he looks about.... the woman, child and baby drake forgotten....

Spies the Drake Across the Room

Ixlan Nightbringer: Spies the drake across the room....

Ixlan Nightbringer: Seeks to lock eyes with him...

Talia Sunsong: stops midway in drinking the overly sweetened tea. "Rorn doesn't hurt anyone, other than hunting."

Fiesty Lotus: Come get him.

Talia Sunsong: sets down her tea cup, spilling some tea on the table. She ambles over to Rorn.

Fitheach Eun: We need to have him understand us; let me call a sylph.

Fiesty Lotus nods

Saphira Mistwalker watches the two-legs and frowns, "Yes, it would be easier if he understood us."

Talia Sunsong: "What are you doing Rorn?"

Savage Taurus notices the hooman staring at him and gazes back, a flicker of recognition sparking somewhere the back of his mind

Talia Sunsong: Rorn looks up, places an innocent expression on his face, but his paw is still on the man's foot

Fiesty Lotus examines the bracelets on the patient’s arm. They seem to be made of metal...

Fitheach Eun: one of the sylphs appears and hovers by the bed

Sylph: Yes Lady, what is your wish?

Saphira Mistwalker looks back and forth between the two, "Savage, tir wux vucot nomeno munthrek? [Savage, do you know this human?]"

The Sylph

Ixlan Nightbringer: startled by the appearance of a small sylph... contact is broken with the drake....

Talia Sunsong: picks Rorn up. "You can play with the man later."

Fitheach Eun looks at the sylph: "Little sister, this one needs to know our language quickly."

Ixlan Nightbringer: Looks at the tall woman "Carson a tha drake agad nad dhachaigh ..." [Why do you have a drake in your home]

Fitheach Eun: "Please help him."

Savage Taurus: "si tir ti vucot, shar si siofme sia presence ui xurwkir jacion agitated [I don't know, but I think my presence is making him agitated.]"

Ixlan Nightbringer: tries to grasp the woman’s hand... gu cinnteach tha fios agad dè cho bodhar ‘s a tha iad {you certainly know how dangerous they are ..."]

Fitheach Eun: The sylph leans forward and gazes into the injured man's eyes intently

Saphira Mistwalker nods to Savage.

Ixlan Nightbringer: cannot help but pay attention to the sylph... gazes back into its eyes

Fitheach Eun: a swirling of yellow light passes between the two

Talia Sunsong: puts Rorn on the table next to the over sweetened medicinal tea. Rorn sticks his face in the cup and laps up tea.

Fitheach Eun leans back over the man: " Can you understand me now?"

Ixlan Nightbringer: yellow light fills his eyes.... sinks into his being... the tall woman’s words... suddenly become known...

Fitheach Eun: " How do you feel?"

Ixlan Nightbringer: "Yes.... Druid. I understand"

Fiesty Lotus murmurs "Oh good."

Fitheach Eun raises an eyebrow about being addressed as druid, but smiles at their patient

Talia Sunsong: "He understands?" She moves closer to the bed. "I helped save you. What about a reward?"

He Can Understand Us Now

Ixlan Nightbringer: "Why is that beast here!!!! Do you not know of your danger!!!"

Saphira Mistwalker hisses at Talia, "Be nice!"

Fiesty Lotus: "Oh Talia, not now."

Ixlan Nightbringer: tries to rise and falls back to the bed...

Fitheach Eun turns to the fae: "Talia, this is not the time."

Talia Sunsong: looks at Rorn. "Rorn may not have table manners, but he's not a beast…sort of"

Fiesty Lotus frowns "A beast?"

Talia Sunsong: Rorn raises his head from the tea at the sound of his name.

Fitheach Eun is alarmed at him trying to rise and puts her hand on his chest

Talia Sunsong: "It's always a time for a reward!"

Fiesty Lotus pats the patient’s hand. "We are all friends here."

Talia Sunsong: "We are all good friends, and friends give me cream and shinies"

Savage Taurus scoffs "algbo, batobot ui|ulph gratitude ihk wux [Well, that's gratitude for ya]"

Ixlan Nightbringer: confused... turns to look around the room at the disparate individuals gathered...

Saphira Mistwalker tries to smile in as friendly a way as a dragon can.

Rorn flies back closer to the bed. He looks at Talia, then at the man, then back to Talia who shrugs.

Ixlan Nightbringer: senses the baby drake land near and looks upon it...

Savage Taurus rolls his glowing orange reptilian eyes and shakes his head, "I'll ,,ah...leave you folks to deal with this....man.." and turns to walk out the door

Fiesty Lotus: That is the Fae Talia's charge, Rorn

Fiesty Lotus: He is harmless."

Talia Sunsong: Rorn lands on the bottom bedpost

Fitheach Eun watches Savage leave and hope it calms their patient.

Talia Sunsong: "My charge?"

Rorn struts back and forth on the bedpost.

Fiesty Lotus: Please sir, will you tell us your name?"

Saphira Mistwalker watches Savage leave and sighs. She hopes this two-legs will get over his fear of Savage. She moves a little closer to the bed.

Fitheach Eun turns to the waiting sylph. " Thank you, little sister, this was very helpful."

Ixlan Nightbringer: watches the large drake turn and walk out the door...... senses its... disapproval? Feels for a moment.... hesitation.... then Shakes head chan eil earbsa ann an dreaganan

Ixlan Nightbringer: "Drakes are not to be trusted"

Savage Taurus closes the door behind him and grips the crimson crystal hanging on the ancient chain around his serpentine neck and mutters a few words of incantation and his form shifts and molds, his scales turn to pink skin and his wings fold into his back and become a victorian coat

Ixlan Nightbringer: looks again at the baby drake....

Rorn stops strutting back and for. He looks unsure if the man is referring to him.

Saphira Mistwalker smiles and laughs gently, "We are not all evil. A little wild perhaps, but not necessarily evil."

Talia Sunsong: "Speak for yourself, Lady Saphira"

Talia Sunsong: "I am Danger Fae!"

Fiesty Lotus: "Sir, can you tell us your name?"

Ixlan Nightbringer: watches the baby strut and despite himself and the situation... smiles a bit.

Saphira Mistwalker rolls her eyes, "I meant dragons Talia, not fae."

Ixlan Nightbringer: Looks to the child... "My name, little one, is Ixlan Nightbringer.

Fitheach Eun: The sylph rises from her position and bows

Fiesty Lotus repeats the name and nods.

Ixlan Nightbringer: Not necessarily evil rings in his ears....

Sylph: "You are most welcome Lady."

Fiesty Lotus: "And do you know how you came here?"

Fitheach Eun: She vanishes with a small popping sound

Talia Sunsong: Rorn sees the man smile weakly. Rorn walks halfway up the bed and sits down by the man. Rorn stares at him with big blue eyes.

Savage Taurus just as he is about to enter again, he realizes his eyes are still reptilian and quickly changes them to human as well

Ixlan Nightbringer: looks upon the female hybrid...

Ixlan Nightbringer: considers her ... "Perhaps not Lady"

Fitheach Eun smiles down at Rorn

Savage Taurus opens the door and walks back in, still puffing on his pipe

Rorn nuzzles the man's unusual bracelets

Ixlan Nightbringer: snaps head to a newcomer into the room...

Ixlan Nightbringer: a faint scent of baked bread wafts to him

Saphira Mistwalker nods approvingly at Savage as he enters, "Si charis batobot geou letoclo ifpesp jacion. [I hope that will help calm him.]"

Savage in Human Form

Ixlan Nightbringer: Still focused on the newcomer, absently strokes Rorn’s head

Rorn purrs from the attention.

Savage Taurus nods to Saphira, not daring to speak his native tongue in this form

Talia Sunsong: "Are those bracelets worth anything? What are they made of?"

Ixlan Nightbringer: wonders to whom the hybrid speaks... casts eyes about the room...looks to the Druid to see if she responds.

Saphira Mistwalker smiles as the man strokes Rorn's head, "Ixlan, I am called Saphira Mistwalker. I am the ambassador from the Shadow Dragon clan to these realms and their citizens."

Ixlan Nightbringer: Looks to the fae and then to the "bracelets"

Savage Taurus: "What have y'all caught here? I think you may need to throw this one back. Seems a bit scrawny," he says with a jovial smirk

Saphira Mistwalker hisses laughter.

Ixlan Nightbringer: "No Ms.... these... these are not bracelets... they were meant to hold me captive".

Talia Sunsong: "I'm Talia, or Danger Fae as I am known."

Fiesty Lotus hides a grin but feels slightly guilty.

Fitheach Eun smiles down at the man; I am Fitheach, a druid and healer

Talia Sunsong: "What? Who would hold you captive? Are you a prince held by a rival kingdom?"

Fiesty Lotus: And I am Fiesty Lotus A hobbit and a Druid.

Ixlan Nightbringer: flicks gaze back to the hybrid and nods... "Saphira Mistwalker"

Savage Taurus: She certainly is dangerous, though usually not in the way she intends

Fitheach Eun stifles a chuckle

Talia Sunsong: "I mean if you are a prince, you would have treasure, right?"

Ixlan Nightbringer: nods to the Druid, the fae and the child... Hobbit? in turn.

Talia Sunsong: Rorn tries to push the "bracelets" off Ix's right wrist.

Ixlan Nightbringer: "I.... I am in your debt, so it seems...and I thank you"

Danger Fae and Ixlan

Talia Sunsong: "See he admits he owes me treasure."

Fitheach Eun frowns: "Oh and I am an elf, in case you are not familiar with them."

Ixlan Nightbringer: "and no... I am no prince...sorry to say".

Saphira Mistwalker rolls her eyes, "Talia, let this poor fellow rest. I will give you gold from my hoard if you want."

Talia Sunsong: "Darn...maybe you are a Duke?"

Fiesty Lotus ignores Talia and says: "We will have you up and runnin right soon."

Talia Sunsong: "Gold, from your hoard? Yes Yes Yes."

Rorn looks at Lady Saph eagerly.

Ixlan Nightbringer: Looks to the Druid... "I am familiar with elves Druid. With fae and hydrids and...." grimaces "with drakes", but not, with Hobbits." looks at Fiesty apologetically

Savage Taurus looks sideways at Saphira, "If you are giving away treasure, I could use some as well" and smirks

Talia Sunsong: "Rorn needs gold for his little treasure hoard too."

Ixlan Nightbringer: Looks to the man. "I am sorry Sir, I did not catch your name".

Fitheach Eun: "And you are not in our debt; healing is what we do when needed."

Saphira Mistwalker grins, "But you are not pestering the poor man like the fae is."

Talia Sunsong: "Hey, he can be in my debt if he wants to be."

Fiesty Lotus: me smiles "We be country folk."

Ixlan Nightbringer: Looks to the Druid and nods to her with thanks... "and yet I shall find a way to repay your assistance"

Savage Taurus eyes the man and clears his throat, "uh..They call me...Savage. Though I can't imagine why"

Talia Sunsong: "Like big repay?"

Fitheach Eun turns to the fae with irritation: " Talia you are obsessed with money."

Talia Sunsong: "Shinies make the world go round.:

Ixlan Nightbringer: smiles at the fae... "I shall find some way ...perhaps I will find a unicorn to milk for you" says with a slight smile.

Talia Sunsong: "Unicorn milk, like, like cream?"

Fitheach Eun smiles

Talia Sunsong: mouth quivers at the thought of cream

Ixlan Nightbringer: again the scent of baked bread returns and he looks again to the man...curious

Saphira Mistwalker laughs, "Ixlan, you will definitely win over FaeTalia with that!"

Savage Taurus: "I could use a groundskeeper for my castle. The kobolds are just no good with shrubbery and trying to get a decent hobbit gardener to work for me hasn't been fruitful"

Talia Sunsong: "How soon? Like real soon? Like now?"

Ixlan Nightbringer: smiles at the fae... "Not just yet... I am... a bit weary"

Talia Sunsong: Rorn preens his wings, then curls up to sleep on the bed.

He Needs to Rest Now

Fitheach Eun turns to the group: " I think he needs to rest and perhaps sleep again now."

Fiesty Lotus reaches out and touches Ixlan's head. No fever, but I think you might need a rest."

Ixlan Nightbringer: nods to the Druid.... thank you...

Ixlan Nightbringer: feels the child... the Hobbit's hand upon his head and turns to her.... "Thank you"

Ixlan Nightbringer: "I am weary"

Fiesty Lotus smiles gently

Ixlan Nightbringer: despite best intentions, feels a great weight upon him and falls into a deep sleep.

Saphira Mistwalker nods, "I think he needs his rest. We should go."

Fiesty Lotus: One by one the people leave Ixlan to his rest with sleeping Rorn cuddled next to him.